The incident started to unfold last night as two teens from Ontario, Canada breached the U.S. Border crossing in Coburn Gore, in what police say, was a stolen vehicle.

A chase down Route 27 ensued with speeds reaching 100 miles per hour, and when the 16 year old boy,with his 13 year old girl friend, rammed border patrol vehicles and kept going, agents fired shots at the vehicle.

Public Safety spokesman Steve McCausland says that car was later found abandoned in Kingfield and the teens allegedly stole a pick up truck and kept going.

The teens were then involved in a second chase when State Police noticed the truck driving erratically in New Portland.

McCausland says they hit spike mats with the truck and when it came to a stop the teens bailed down an embankment toward the river where they were captured.

McCausland says the teen's parents have been contacted, but they were described as runaways in the press release.

The young girl was treated for possible internal injuries caused by her jump down the embankment according to an update from McCausland.

The Attorney General's office is investigating because of the shots being fired by the border patrol agents.

Maine and Canadian authorities will work together to determine what charges should be filed against the pair, and in what jurisdiction.