The Bangor Police Department recently asked its Facebook fans if one of them happened to lose some money in a parking lot near the Hogan Road.

A good Samaritan turned in an undisclosed amount of money to Bangor's boys in blue on Wednesday. Here's the post (and, no that's not how much money was found. Read on.)


Did you lose some money?Recently a specific amount of money was turned into the Bangor Police Department. The reason...

Posted by Bangor Maine Police Department on Thursday, August 20, 2015

Now, the post has been shared hundreds of times. Do you think they'll find the rightful owner? The power of social media is pretty awesome sometimes.

Anyways, we got to thinking: What would you do if you found, say $50, in a parking lot? We're just pulling a random number out of the air. We really have no idea how much money was found.

Sure, you could turn it into the police. Or you could just keep it. Now, be honest with your answers. Nobody's watching.