You always hear about the brotherhood of police, across borders. Well, that dedication has never been demonstrated better than in a touching post by one member of the Bangor Police Department who paid honor to the fallen Paris Police Officers in yesterday's terrorist attack.

The events in Paris over the past 24 hours have shocked the world. Terrorists stormed a satirical newspaper and opened fire, killing a total of 12 people, including police officers, the paper's editor, and a cartoonist who often created caricatures of Muhammed. The search for two suspects continues through the streets of Paris.

It's eerily reminiscent of the Boston Marathon bombing, with police searching for two Middle Eastern brothers suspected in the shootings. One of the brothers reportedly left an I.D. behind in the rented car they used in the attacks. Others have been detained, but it's the brothers who are believed to be at the heart of the attack.

Sergeant Tim Cotton with the Bangor Police has shown great humor in his Facebook posts and J.R. and I have had a lot of fun chatting about it. But there's nothing funny about this post. Instead, Cotton shows his compassion, respect, and empathy for those cops who were shot down while trying to help. Take a minute to read it and remember how lucky we are to have members of Law Enforcement to help us in our time of need.