What a great night last night at the Bangor State Fair with the Demolition Derby! Fun, fire, and fenders flying! While it wasn't a successful night for the Bangor Police Department's entry, it was a triumph in fundraising for Special Olympians.

My son Josh, his girlfriend Hannah, and I are all huge demolition derby fans and so we had to be there last night. The fact that the Bangor Police had entered a vehicle made it even more appealing. The stands were full and the crowd was enthusiastic, even correcting the announcer when he started referring to 'Banger.'

Demo Derby driver and retired member of the Bangor Police force Marty McCrea and Sergeant Tim Cotton visited the morning show on Thursday. They told us they didn't expect to win. They said the car would last about 30 seconds because everyone would target it. And they were right!

The car painted like a cruiser got hung up on the wall pretty quickly and McCrae was stuck. With at least one wheel completely off the ground, there just wasn't anything he could do except sit and enjoy the view. I have to admit, I was a little disappointed that it went that way for them. I would have liked to see how McCrae handled the car and how long he would have lasted.

But the reason for entering the car was to raise money for Special Olympics and they did it in spades. I heard that, even before the event, over $1,700  was raised through businesses sponsoring the car. In addition, there were several Special Olympians at the derby last night, collecting even more money! WABI reports the police believe they raised about $2,500 altogether!

Thank you to the Bangor State Fair for holding the Demolition Derby at the fair this year. We loved it! And thanks to the Bangor Police Department for all they do, to keep us safe, and to benefit the community. You're awesome!

Oh...and if you missed the Derby last night? They're doing it again tonight at the Bangor State Fair!