A local organization is working with the Peace Corps to provide students in the tropics with the latest computer technology. Each CUBE fits in a 6 inch by 6 inch box!

That box contains the computer, which is called a raspberry pi, a roll-out keyboard, a wireless mouse, and a monitor cable. Founder Andrea Beaulieu told me that there are computers and monitors on the island but they're vastly outdated. So the raspberry pi will be hooked up to the existing monitors, bringing the students up to date!

Each school the folks from CUBE visit will have a computer lab set up. And another cool part of this, they're taking the computers down in pieces, so the students can learn to build them! Then they'll stick around to teach the students and teachers the operating system, since CUBE runs on Linux rather than Windows.

In addition, the students will be connected to students in the U.S. Beaulieu says students in Maine and in California will be linked up via the internet with the students, as a learning experience for all.

Beaulieu says each CUBE costs $100, making it much more affordable than other options, such as individual laptops for every student. And, obviously, they're much easier to pack for traveling. So, with construction and travel costs, the non-profit is looking to raise about $5,000 to complete the mission.

Donations and sponsors are needed to make this dream a reality. Folks can log onto CUBE's website to make a donation and to get more information. And, on the Friday evening of the American Folk Festival, August 22nd, the Darling's Ice Cream for a Cause truck will be handing out free ice cream and collecting donations for CUBE.

Once the students in the Bahamas are all set, CUBE will begin fundraising with students in Trinidad in their sights!