A Bangor man is facing charges in connection with a burglary on Park Street.  Police caught up with the burglar when he was reported to be acting erratically nearby.

It was just before 7:30 on Friday morning, December 20th, when Bangor Police were called to an office building at 157 Park Street. Employees told the officers that when they arrived for work that morning they found a lock box had been removed from a downstairs wall, causing damage to the dry wall. A security camera was taken off the ceiling, leaving behind dangling wires. Police say a search of the building did not reveal any other missing items, but they did find a tool kit with pink tools lying on the floor in another hallway.

There was reportedly no sign of forced entry to the building. An employee told police that on Thursday, December 19th, they had reportedly left their keys in the men’s bathroom and, when he returned, the keys were gone. It’s believed those keys were used by the burglar.

While officers were still investigating the burglarly, another call came in about a man acting erratically on Central Street in downtown Bangor. Officers found Nicholas Hamilton, 26-years-old from Bangor and questioned him. Hamilton was found to be in possession of the security camera, lockbox, and keys that had all been stolen from 157 Park Street. He was also found with a pink hammer that matched the tool set found at that address. It was later learned that he had brought the tools to the scene.

Hamilton is under arrest, charged with Burglary, Theft, Criminal Mischief, and Violation of Bail. He was additionally charged with Unlawful Possession of a Schedule Z Drug after several prescription pills were found in his jacket pocket after his arrest.