This from a Bangor Hydro Electric Company Press Release this afternoon

Bangor Hydro Electric Company is warning its customers to be leery of telephone calls from an individual claiming to be representing the utility and requesting immediate payment.

“A series of phone calls were made to small business customers in the last few days demanding payment or risk disconnection,” said spokeswoman Susan Faloon. “If a Bangor Hydro representative were calling, they would already have the customer information, including account and any balance information. A customer would never receive a company-initiated call asking for immediate payment with the threat of disconnection.”

Customers are reminded to never give out credit card or other payment information over the telephone unless the customer initiates the call. If a customer is unsure about their account status they can call Bangor Hydro’s Customer Service Center at either (207) 947-2414 or 1-800-499-6600.

“The person is identifying herself as either Susan Press or Linda Nellerson, and Bangor Hydro does not employee anyone with those names,” Faloon said.

Bangor Hydro’s security team is working with the Office of Consumer Affairs at the Attorney General’s office as well as local authorities to investigate the scam. Anyone who may have fallen victim to the scam and paid the fraudulent caller is encouraged to call the Attorney General’s office toll free at 1-800-436-2131.