An Appleton man is recovering at Penobscot Bay Medical Center after the tractor he was riding fell through the ice. Two cross-country skiers heard George Stevenson's cries for help and called 911.

It was just after 2:30 when the tractor fell through the ice on a private pond on the Appleton Ridge Road. Tree Roth of Union and Dora Lievow of Camden were cross-country skiing on the ridge across from the pond when they heard the 83-year-old crying for help.When they reached the pond they found Stevenson clinging to his tractor in water up to his chest.

First responders from Appleton Fire and Union Ambulance were able to get Stevenson off his tractor and to shore safely. He was transported by Ambulance to the hospital where he's said to be doing fine.

As it turns out, Stevenson's generosity is why he was on the pond and what saved his life. Roth and Lievow told members of the Knox County Sheriff's Office that they happened to be there because Stevenson allows people to use his property for their personal recreation. Ms. Roth said Stevenson was on the pond because he was trying to clean off the snow so area kids could ice skate.