Dear Out of State Drivers,

We're so glad you decided to visit our state this summer! And, just to make your visit less stressful for you (and especially for us!), here are a few things we do here in Maine that apparently you don't do where you come from...

Let's start with allowing others to merge onto the interstate. See, the way we do it here is, if you're in the travel lane and see that someone's trying to merge onto the interstate, you check the passing lane. If it's clear, you MOVE OVER and allow that person to merge. See how easy that is? It keeps traffic flowing smoothly and saves everyone a lot of aggravation.

In addition, if you're the one trying to merge onto the interstate, and you see that the people in the travel lane are blocked in and can't move over, what we do here is we slow down or even stop. Charging ahead at full speed, intimidating the cars in the travel lane will only get you a rude gesture and marked as a 'stupid out-of-state driver,' or something similar.

Now, we do something here in Maine called 'right turn on red.' If you're sitting at a stop light, waiting to turn right, and you see that there are no cars coming, you can turn right. That is, unless it's posted otherwise. Do this and it will prevent honking horns and possible yelling Mainers behind you.

See, this isn't so hard, right? Now onto something a little tougher. Red Lights. Apparently you don't have them where you come from. Either that, or you don't HAVE to stop for them there. But here in Maine, when a light turns red? We stop. Period. A red light doesn't mean it's only for the car BEHIND you. STOP.

Let's see....what have I missed? Breakdown lanes are NOT for passing in Maine. Or for traveling. We DO use our blinkers here.

Oh yeah! One more thing. If you stop and ask for directions at a store or from someone walking down the street, shut up and LISTEN to them! Don't argue with them that they don't know what they're talking about. See, they LIVE here. You don't. We all want to help you get to where you're going. But, if you argue with us and tell us our directions are wrong? Well, let's just say you shouldn't be surprised if you end up in Calais when you were headed to Camden.

Keep these things in mind and you'll enjoy your stay in our beautiful state! Welcome to Maine!


A frustrated Maine motorist