A polar-dip-style fundraiser this weekend will help support The Summit Project, that works to recognize and remember Maine's fallen soldiers.

It's called 'Leaping for Legacies,' and will be held this Saturday at Camp Jordan in Ellsworth. That's where a group of enthusiastic and brave people will run headlong into the icy waters of Branch Lake. As volunteer and organizer Angel Matson told us, they won't linger for long, but will hop back out after dunking themselves. I'm sure, at that point, there will be rushing for towels and warm clothes!

The event benefits a truly wonderful cause called 'The Summit Project,' which was created as a way to remember Maine service members who have died in the line of duty and defense of the country since the September 11th attacks. Initials of those military members are carved into stones, that are then carried to high places, including Mt. Katahdin, Cadillac Mountain, Mount Kilimanjaro, and others.

Some of the stones also travel around the state in a display case, to educate school children, and just as a way to keep the spirit of those fallen soldiers alive in the communities. Just recently, they were displayed at the Bangor International Airport, where so many service people pass through on their way to and from war-torn countries.

The Leaping for Legacies event will be held this Saturday, March 12th at Camp Jordan in Ellsworth. The camp opens at 9 a.m. for folks to socialize and share their stories. And at noon, folks will start Leaping for Legacies! For more information and to sign up and take part, log onto the event's Facebook page.