The American Folk Festival announced this week a new event in April that promises to be fun for participants and spectators alike! The fun run, called 'Color Bangor' will combine color, running and walking, and high energy.

I found a video online to demonstrate the concept of the race (although the Bangor event is not affiliated with Utah-based LLC, The Color Run, which organized the event in the video.) Wow! I may have found my incentive to get in shape so I can take part! Or, since it's only a couple of months away, maybe I'll just volunteer to throw the colored cornstarch on people!

The American Folk Festival's Executive Director Heather McCarthy said, in a press release, that it's something planners have wanted to bring to Bangor for some time.

" We have seen color fun runs in a number of cities in Maine, and it was surprising to me that we have not yet seen one in Bangor,” McCarthy said. "These runs are enormously popular, extremely fun, and rooted in an long-established Hindu and Indian tradition called the Holi or Festival of Colors. That tradition makes it an even better tie-in with the cultural experience the American Folk Festival brings to the Bangor Waterfront every Summer.

The route for the run will incorporate the Bangor Waterfront. Runners/Walkers will start out in white t-shirts. As they progress through the route, brightly colored cornstarch will be tossed in their direction, painting them a rainbow of colors by the time they finish. It's beautiful! And looks like so much fun! And McCarthy says it's designed so everyone can participate.

"This is not a road race that will be comprised of only serious runners,” said McCarthy. "The main objective for Color Bangor is 'fun.' People who have done this type of run in the past travel for hours to find them. We are happy to say that the Bangor Waterfront will be an amazing location for this event, and we are enthusiastically deep into planning what will be a really fun day."

Color Bangor is scheduled to take place on the Bangor Waterfront on April 26th. For more information or to register, click the button below. (you can't register at the link at the end of the video. Again, that's a different run. I just wanted to demonstrate what it involves. Fun!) I've watched videos of these runs for several years and thought they looked awesome. Thank you, American Folk Festival, for once again bringing culture, color, and fun to Bangor!