No parent should ever have to bury their child. Unfortunately Evelyn Casanova-Robbins had to, after her 3 year old Alexander passed away. Out of this tragedy, Alexander's Light Foundation was founded and they are holding a fundraiser, Saturday, May 21st at 6 PM at The Grand in Ellsworth. Kid's Voice of Hancock County will feature 12 young singers in a competition akin to the hit show "The Voice".

The purpose of Alexander's Light Foundation is to work with hospitals to provide a comfortable room where parents can spend the last moments with their child. If you have ever been in the hospital it's noisy. Nurses and doctors are constantly in motion attending to patients. We all wish and hope that everyone will be cured, but reality tells us that isn't the case.  Some pass unexpectedly, and some pass slowly. The Foundation hopes to provide a quiet area where parent's can hold/lay with their child in the final moments.

Additionally, they are working with recently bereaved parents. When a doctor tells the parent they have done everything possible, but their child has died, the doctor moves on. He or she has other patients to save. There may not be a social worker available. A parent is just left there crushed, without their child. Alexander's Light Foundation is hoping to work and provide support and encouragement to these parents.

Alexander's Light Foundation is in the process of completing their paperwork and will be a recognized charitable organization and all donations will be deductible. You can visit their Facebook page here and their website here