Monday night, August 11th was the Quarterfinals for America's Got Talent, and in my opinion two acts stood out, head and shoulders over everyone else. Both had received the golden buzzer, which put them into Radio City Music Hall.

The first was Piff the Magic Dragon, who played a game of Dog or No Dog, with Howie Mandel. Now this was hysterical on the level that Howie used to be the host of Deal or No Deal, and secondly, the skit was entitled Game of Bones, which of course was a take-off of Game of Thrones with dragons!

While I didn't think that this was Piff's greatest performance, it was funny, and I loved how he ordered take out to be delivered while the judges were talking, and then complained there was a "hare" in his throat, and pulled out a rabbit!

The act that I thought was the best last night was Paul Zerdin with his ventriloquist act!

When Zerdin left and the dummy came alive,  it was amazing!