I had just gotten back from my lunchtime walk with my longtime friend, and in my mind I was still muddling over our discussion about adoption. I tried to put it on the back burner and start thinking about what I should post about today, so I started clicking here and there looking for some piece of relevant news.Then by what I consider divine intervention, a CBS News video story appears. It was obvious that adoption is what I should be posting about today.

You see, my friend and I both have family members that are in the midst of struggles with adopted kids. It's certainly not a new subject, and I think we all realize that most times the relationship between the adopted child and parent seem to blend and work just fine, however, other times the adopted child/parent relationship blends like oil and water. It becomes too much for any well-meaning parent to handle. And in an effort to keep the family from being torn apart and sanity in tact, the child is put up for adoption again in hopes of finding a home and relationship that works--and that's okay.

Somewhere there's someone for that child. Someone that can make the connection and difference that no one else has been able to make. It's never an easy thing for a deeply troubled child, but when it happens, it's amazing.

Here's a CBS News 'One the Road' Steve Hartman story that I bet you can relate to. It involves a caseworker, one very troubled young boy, and an ending that may surprise you.