One of my favorite actors is dead. I developed a crush on James Garner when he starred in the TV show 'Rockford Files.' First it was his smile, and then it was his acting.

I have three favorite Garner roles. Obviously, one of them was from the movie 'Maverick.' Country music's best came out to co-star in the comedy about a gambler who overcomes hilarious hurdles trying to get to a high-stakes poker game. I thought casting Garner as Maverick's father was a perfect choice, considering I used to watch reruns of the TV show 'Maverick,' starring Garner, when I was a kid!

Another of my favorites has to have been in 'My Fellow Americans.' Garner and Jack Lemmon play former Presidents of the United States who are running from the police for something they didn't do. Hilarity ensues! I've included the trailer for that movie in this post.

Top of my list, though, was in the movie 'Murphy's Romance' with Sally Field. Garner plays a colorful, headstrong owner of the local pharmacy who meets a new woman in town (Field) and proceeds to woo her. Murphy is considerably older than Emma, so it's an idea he has to ease her into. The acting in the movie is amazing and Garner proves that he could still play the romantic screen lead. This is one of my all-time favorite chick flick indulgences.

Yahoo! reports that Garner, born James Scott Bumgarner in Norman, Oklahoma, died at home Saturday night of natural causes. He was 86.