It's not North Woods Law!? has released a list of the top 3 most watched reality shows for each state and Maine's #1 is not what we expected!

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    It's no surprise the third most watched reality show in Maine was 'Survivor.' Most Mainer's have experienced some of the things survivor contestants have to do, in everyday life. Maine is an outdoors state and there are a lot of people here who probably can relate to the show. Plus we enjoy cheering for the contestants from Vacationland.

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    Another reality show some Mainers can probably relate to on a personal level happened to be our second most watched reality show. 'Hoarders' is also a Maine favorite. Although here in Maine we don't hoard, we collect.

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    America's Next Top Model

    The most surprising of all was the results for the most watched reality show in Maine. According to the report Maine dreams of walking the runway and watches a lot of 'America's Next Top Model'. Has there ever even been a contestant from Maine?!

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