It seems that the Internet and Facebook is full of bad news, what with the murder in Bangor, the constant drug busts in Maine and the like. It's time for a bit of good news, especially now that we're in the Holiday Season!

I read Jennifer Sargent's post that she wrote on Facebook, and it really touched me. Here's what she wrote, and I'm sharing this with her permission

Three years ago I started my own holiday tradition of purchasing wreaths and driving around back roads and choosing houses at random to deliver them to. The first year, I stopped at a lonely looking home and and an older man answered the door. I offered him the wreath, and he responded with tears, and offered a hug. He pointed up the road to a cemetery, and said to me, "I've been wanting to put a wreath on my sons grave, but I haven't been able to afford it". My heart was full, and I vowed to go back to that same house with a wreath every single year. Last year, when I shared this story here, Gayle Tucker donated the wreath for me to deliver, and she did the same this year! I'll be heading out to deliver this wreath today to this man for his sons headstone. A huge thank you to Gayle for being so gracious and kind!!
*Get out and do good deeds this holiday season, and always!

Here's the wreath that Gayle donated and Jennifer is delivering

Photo Jennifer Sargent

If you can do some random act of kindness today, or this week, you'll feel so good internally, and you never know how you'll impact the person to whom you've shown the kindness. It's in giving blessings and kindness that we receive blessings and kindness!

Happy Holidays