As yet another snowstorm drops 3-6 inches on us today, February 25th, I wanted to share with you the pictures I took yesterday when I visited Mount Desert Island High School. Right by the main entrance to the school, there's a courtyard that is just buried with snow. But, if you look at the bottom right of the above photo, you'll see daffodils that have sprouted through the ground! Now I'm not sure how much sunlight the poor little daffodils are going to receive, but they're certainly not going to lack for water from the melting snow!

MDI Blanket of Snow Photo Chris Popper Townsquare Media

The snow in that area, as you can see from the above picture has drifted to about 5 feet tall, and it is packed!

MDI Courtyard February 24, 2014 Photo Chris Popper Townsquare Media

And here's the courtyard at MDI High School through a window!