It's a perfect model for success in a troubled economy, when a nonprofit organization makes the effort to create a for-profit business, with the returns from that business going directly back to the nonprofit entity serving community needs.

That's what Manna is doing in Bangor by opening The Home Thrift Store.

"It's going to blow you away with what you see when you come in through the door," says the ever-motivated Bill Rae.

Rae says clothing will still be given to people in need who can’t afford to pay and those folks can just stop by Manna and sign up for what they need, and volunteers will bring it over from the thrift store.

In the past, Manna used to donate their surplus clothing donations to other area thrift stores in the area, until they realized they could sell the clothing too, to support the other programs administered to those in need.

Rae says proceeds from The Home Thrift Store will benefit the Manna soup kitchen and their programs supporting men and women struggling with addictions.

Rae points out the additional benefit in the fact that The Home Thrift Store has taken over a vacant building in the city, bringing new useful purpose to the property.

The Home Thrift Store is in the old TJ Lynch Flooring building on Hillside Drive, off Broadway in Bangor.

The store will open for business Monday, and be open Mondays Through Fridays from 10am until 5 or 5:30pm