It's now one for the record books, and for the record, the memorial service Saturday afternoon following the parade, was an amazing tribute to Maine's fallen fire fighters and those who died in the 9-11 terror attacks.

The Ellsworth Fire Department hosted the 50th State Federation of Fire Fighter's Convention over the weekend.

As part of the event planning, Steve Elliot, owner of Newland Nursery in Ellsworth, was asked to design a fitting backdrop for the memorial wall which displays the Fireman's Prayer.

With an actual piece of steel from the destruction, Elliot recreated ground zero at the World Trade Center complete with smoke rising from the debris field, miniatures to create a sense of scale, and actual audio recordings of the communications between dispatchers and responding fire crews.

The memorial ceremony included an address by Ron Siarnicki, Executive Director for the National Fallen Firefighter's Foundation, Roll of Honor of fallen firefighter's in Maine, and Taps.

Congratulations to the Ellsworth Fire Department for a job well done, and good luck to the Farmington crew as they plan for the 51st convention.