A dog park in the City of Ellsworth?  Hey why not?  Bangor has one.  Belfast has one.

Several interested people are thinking heavily about a dog park in Ellsworth, including City Councilor Pam Perkins, who said at this past Monday night's meeting that she's been approached by dog lovers “many, many times,”

Perkins and several other people are doing some preliminary work on a dog park in Ellsworth so that they can present their findings to the City's Recreation Committee.  At the moment no one knows what the costs of a dog park would be, but one thing's for sure, if it were on City land it would be a whole lot cheaper.

According to a story in the Ellsworth American, Perkins admits that it would be "very, very hard" to get approval from the Council to put a dog park within the new Knowlton Park on State Street, or within Harbor Park off Water Street.  "Outside of the city center" may be organizers best bet.

You can make your feelings known about a dog park in Ellsworth via the group's Facebook page, just search for "Friends of Ellsworth Dog Park."  Or, email City Councilor Perkins at capatop@gmail.com, and say "woof woof!"