Matt Gross calls it the 'Ride for the Wet Nose,' and this is the 4th year he's taken the bike ride to benefit homeless pets. Each year the ride gets a little longer, and the money he raises grows a little too. And the whole idea started with a cute little dog named Buddy.

Three years ago, the family adopted a beagle named Buddy from the Bangor Humane Society. He was 12 years old then, and Matt says that he'd had a hard life. On Thursday, I met Buddy, who's now 15, when I stopped by to see Matty start his ride. Buddy is very active for a mature dog, he's friendly, and he's adorable!

Matt said he decided to do something to help homeless pets after they adopted Buddy because he wanted to help other animals find their forever families. And, so far, he's doing a pretty great job. What started as an idea written on a post-it note, that he gave to his Dad, has grown into an annual bicycle trek the two take together.

This year, The Ride for the Wet Nose raised $2,000, and some equipment, that will be donated to the Bangor Humane Society and the Old Town Animal Orphanage. Over the course of four years, Matt has raised nearly $8,000 to benefit homeless animals! In addition, Matt's Dad was given some equipment from a grooming business, that's also being donated.

We were first introduced to the Ride by Townsquare Media's Gene Harden, aka 'J.J. West.'  J.J., who passed away at Thanksgiving, was Matty's grandfather, and he'd light up whenever he talked about his family. When I told J.J. that I'd chatted with Matt, he told me how proud he was of him and how it had all been Matt's idea.

Check out the video to hear Matt tell, in his own words, what the ride means to him. You'll see Matt and his Dad, Jason, begin their journey. And don't miss Buddy, who seems to think they should take him along. Way to go, Matty!