A 9-year-old boy from Ashland is being credited with saving his younger brother's life. 6-year-old Hunter Whipple, who is autistic, was floating face-down in the family's pool when Blake Vincent jumped in to save him.

Pamela Bennett, the boys' mother, told the BDN, that the house is usually locked up tight because Hunter has a constant desire to go outside.But, for some reason on July 29th, someone left a side door unlocked and the gate to the pool was unlatched, as well. She said one minute Hunter was standing behind her drinking a glass of water, and the next minute she heard Blake screaming for her.

Blake says in the video from WAGM that he came home from a friend's house and saw Hunter face-down in the water. He yelled for Mom and jumped in, holding his brother's head above the water until his mother got there to pull him in. While Pamela worked to resuscitate Hunter, Blake ran inside and called 911. The result is that the 6-year-old has suffered no ill effects from his misadventure.

It's a story with a happy ending that could have ended much differently if not for the quick thinking of a loving big brother. Nice going, Blake!

A nine year old boy in Ashland is being called a hero after he saved his brother's life. Katie Zarrilli - WAGM TV has the story.

Posted by WAGM-TV on Wednesday, August 5, 2015