Holy Imagination! I'm totally useless for the afternoon as I'm already thinking about how I'm going to spend my $800 MILLION! The Maine Lottery announced that the estimated annuitized value of Saturday's Powerball Jackpot is now $800 million thanks to sales across the country.

This is already the second time that the estimated annuitized jackpot has been increased, and who knows, it could be going up even more before the numbers are drawn Saturday night!

I have bought a couple of tickets, I know my wife is in with a group at Nokomis High School. I'm ready to go buy a couple more tickets! How can you not spend at least $2 for a chance at $800 Million?

I know I probably won't win, but I'll have fun fantasizing about the good I can do, if I were to win, and hey, someone has to win, so why not me? Just imagine!