My wife, Bonnie and I will be celebrating our 25th Wedding Anniversary on Tuesday, June 25th. That means, as of today, we have been married 9119 days (not counting leap days), which is the equivalent to 218,856 hours, but who is counting :)

I am so incredibly lucky. I am going to go behind the curtain, and share something about my wife, or my wife and I every day leading up to our anniversary, as one of my little gifts to her, as once it's published, it will be on the internet forever, much like my love for her.

I went out to Block Island, Rhode Island to interview to manage a hotel out there, back in 1984. I was living in Binghamton New York at the time and the trip out there was quite interesting as I had never flown in a 4 seat plane. When I went to little Westerly Airport, I asked how I was supposed to get in the plane, and they said, just climb on the wing!

The interview went well, and I was eating dinner with the owners, when this beautiful waitress came to take our order. I remember asking the owners who that was, and they replied "Oh, that's Miss Mackay, she teaches at the school and works here 1 or 2 nights a week in the off-season". That was enough to convince me to take the job, as I had fallen head over heels in love at first sight! If you looked into my eyes, you would have probably seen fireworks going off in my pupils! 29 years later, I can still tell you what Bonnie was wearing, and what I ordered for dinner!