The website called "Only in your State" has named 10 of the weirdest attractions or sights to see in Maine. Here are our favorites and some of our own!

1.) The Desert of Maine: Freeport, ME.

So it's not a real desert but it sure looks like one! This is why since 1925 people have stopped to see the sandy dunes surrounded by pine trees. They have a farm museum, gift shop and sand museum!

2.) Halfway Between the North Pole and Equator: Perry, ME.

The 'Only in Maine' article names Rangeley as a weird destination in Maine because they boast being halfway between the North Pole and Equator and it is pretty close! However, the first marker of one of these spots called 'the 45th Parallell' in the country was across the state in Perry where a stone was placed in 1896 marking the official halfway point. Perry's town motto is also: 'Halfway between the Equator and the North Pole'.

3.) Perry's Nut House: Belfast, ME.

Perry's Nut House is not located in previously mentioned Perry, Maine but it defiantly has some wacky stuff too! A giant gorilla greats you as you walk in to a place with every treat your sweet tooth could desire! A real mummy and stuffed albatross can also be found among the odd knick knacks and delightful toys. You can't miss this place, they have a bright pink dinosaur skeleton sitting out front.

4.) Wild Blueberry Land: Columbia Falls, ME.

Home of the 'World's Largest Blueberry' this place is straight out of a fairy tale with every blueberry treat under the sun! Ice Cream, Muffins, Pies, I could go on forever. Every time I stop here I imagine myself leaving looking like Violet Beauregarde in 'Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory'.

5.) World's Largest Hand-crank Phone: Bryant Pond, ME.

Bryant Pond celebrates the fact that they were the last town to use the old hand-cranked phones by displaying a 3,000 pound statue of one! The residents of this town used the crank phones until 1983 and liked it! In-fact this town loves to showcase their versions of old technology with this 14-ft phone being a good example or the '3-story outhouse' that is still in use just a few blocks away from the phone.

Maine has too many weird places to list! Here is 'Only in Maine's' list of what they think are the weirdest places to visit in the state!