Here are some hikes to get your adrenaline pumping. These are hikes where we recommend watching where you step.

There is a plethora of hikes in Maine that range from super simple to very dangerous and advanced. Here are some hikes that are not too advanced, but do require some balance and agility in spots.

Knife's Edge- Mt. Katahdin

This trail is a lot of climbing over boulders and weaving around sharp, steep ledges. Because this trail runs across the top of the mountain it is not always open to cross for safety reasons. Winds exceeding 70mph, ice and snow are just some of the things that contribute to the difficulty of the trail.

100 Mile Wilderness- Appalachian Trail

As the warning sign says on the way in, this is the longest wilderness section of the A.T. It is also one of the most difficult parts. Here you have to worry about things like drowning in the river or swamp, being struck by lightning, exposure, or falling. Accomplishing this section of the A.T. is something to be proud of. This hike isn't all bad of course, there are amazing views of all kinds of different ecosystems, animals, rock caves, and more.

Maiden's Cliff- Camden

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This is a popular tourist destination and is probably the least physically strenuous of the hikes on this list, but as history has proven, this is no spot to loose focus on the dangers around you. The hike summit is an 800ft cliff that drops straight down. On the cliff stands a 12ft cross marking the spot a young girl fell to her death in 1964.

Tumbledown Mountain (Loop Trail)- North of Weld

The name of this one says it all. The sign for the loop trail going up Tumbledown Mountain says it's not recommended for children or dogs if that gives you an idea of the difficulty. While difficult, the trail is also entertaining with something different over every hill or around every corner. The best part of this trail is "the Chimney", this is a vertical rock tunnel with iron rungs to climb!

Precipice Trail- Acadia

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If you google 'tough hikes in Maine' this is the top result. Scaling rocks on the edge, climbing iron rungs and using rope railings are some of the things you will have to do to make it to the top, but that's the thrill of it! Most reviews of this trail on TripAdvisor say going down is worse than going up, and one review reminds you "this is not Disney Land".

What is the trickiest hiking trail you have done in Maine?