Out of a list of 50 educational attractions in the Northeast, 5 belong to Maine!

A website called Vacations Made Easy has created a list of attractions in the Northeast giving travelers a way to relax and explore while learning something. Here are the 5 attractions they named in Maine!

This list is pretty good but I would have also included places like the Maine State Museum in Augusta, Leonard's Mills in Bradley, or the Kisma Preserve in Trenton. Can you think of any other education attractions you would add to the list?

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    Colonial Pemaquid State Historic Site


    Located near Pemaquid Beach in Bristol, Maine. The site includes the archaeological remains of 17th- and 18th-century village buildings and fortifications, a museum with excavated artifacts found on the site, including musket balls, coins, pottery and early hardware, and Fort William Henry, an early 20th-century reconstruction of a late 17th-century fort.

    YouTube via Maine Dept. of Conservation
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    Fort Knox and Penobscot Narrows Observatory


    This is my favorite attraction in Maine for the exact reason it is on the list. It is definitely and attraction with a huge granite fort you can explore on your own! Tunnels, cannons, and amazing architecture, and more can be found at the fort. Most people don't notice the fort right away as it now lies in the shadow of the towering Penobscot Narrows Bridge! Over 400ft in the sky, you can take a ride in an elevator to the top for one of the best views in the state! Also located in the park in the Visitor Center, full of displays all about the history of the area, and boy does she have some history! Here you will also find a tour guide to give you a more in-depth look at the fort!

    Photo courtesy of Friends Of Fort Knox
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    Eartha is the world's largest rotating and revolving globe, located within the headquarters of the Delorme Mapping Corporation. The globe weighs approximately 5,600 pounds, and has a diameter of over 41 feet. The atrium containing Eartha is open to the public during business hours. There is an adjacent gift shop that carries various DeLorme and geography related products. The mounting equipment is in a large pit below floor level and is visible to visitors, but the stairway down is chained off to prevent public access. There are two balconies that allow visitors to more easily view the higher parts of the globe. Some offices within the building also have views overlooking Eartha.

    Photo courtesy of DeLorme.com
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    Farnsworth Art Museum


    "Celebrating Maine’s Role in American Art, the Farnsworth Art Museum offers a nationally recognized collection of works from many of America’s greatest artists. With 20,000 square feet of gallery space and over 15,000 works in the collection, there is always something new on view at the Farnsworth. The museum has one of  the nation's largest collections of works by sculptor Louise Nevelson"  -Farnsworthmuseum.org

    YouTube via Mark Beale
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    Hamilton House

    South Berwick

    This is another personal favorite of mine and I am glad to share it as I had to literally stumble upon it to learn of this treasure! This National Historic Treasure built in the 1700's sits on 50 acres of the most beautiful land over looking the Salmon Falls River. You can get here by car, or you can hike in from Vaughan Woods State Park, which is how I stumbled upon this place. I was amazed by the pristine gardens, landscaping, and the architecture. They also offer tours on the hour Wednesday-Sunday. Of course I was there on a Tuesday and missed it. I'll definitely be going back though!

    Photo, Amanda McDonald