My wife Bonnie and I will be celebrating almost a quarter century of being married together on Tuesday, June 25th. I have had the pleasure of writing some blog entries leading up to the anniversary date, describing when we first met, how I proposed, and about Bonnie and her wedding dress and how beautiful she was (and still is) on our wedding day.

I had forgotten about this little episode, until Bonnie's cousin, Lynn reminded me about it the other day. At the reception, it was time for the tradition of the groom to remove the bride's garter. Bonnie was in the center of the room, sitting on the chair, and I'm on one knee, getting ready to remove the garter. Now if you know my wife, she is a bit of a prankster, and can be very animated with her facial expressions. With that as a background, I start to reach my hands up her leg, in search of the garter!

I'm heading up, past her calf, past her knee, and in search of the garter. Yep, it's higher, and her facial expressions and comments have our guests in hysterics, and her four brothers were making comments, as well as my family. So I'm getting a little flustered, and I finally found the garter! Whew, I'm ready to remove it, but there's a problem! A big problem!

I start to pull the garter down, and it's not coming! What the heck? It's a garter... It should just slide down her leg right? Wrong! It's not coming down! Now, what the heck am I going to do? I'm getting trash talked, and I can't very well stick my head under the wedding dress to see what the problem was, can I? Nope, my mother and father are there, Bonnie's Dad and four brothers are there. So I'm looking at Bonnie, and she's in hysterics! She had tied the garter to her panties!

Finally, someone brought me a pair of scissors and I was able to cut the ribbon that was holding the garter up! Whew, mission accomplished! Finally, and I think my cheeks stopped being red after a month!

Happy Almost Anniversary! I love you Bonnie!