Police have charged 20 young adults and minors after an underage drinking party on Quail Lane in Lamoine on Friday night.

Upon receiving a call from a a concerned resident at about 10:45 p.m., police found about 25 vehicles preparing to leave nearby Woodcock Lane. Police determined that those leaving had been attending an underage party attended by approximately 50 people where alcohol and marijuana were present, according to a news release from the Hancock County Sheriff's Office.

Police say Benjamin Morren, 20, of Lamoine hosted the party. He was arrested and transported to the Hancock County Jail where he was charged with illegal possession of liquor by a minor and providing a place for minors to consume liquor.

The following were also charged with illegal possession of alcohol by a minor: Alexander Braley,18, of Ellsworth; Miranda Davis, 18, of Ellsworth; Madeline Hart,18, of Ellsworth, Mariah Brown, 18, of Ellsworth; Olivia Lounder, 18, of Ellsworth; Courtney King, 18, of Ellsworth; Megan Nowland, 18, of Sedgwick; Griffin Nightengale, 19, of Ellsworth; Mitchell Domagala, 19, of Ellsworth; John Fenl, 19, of Ellsworth; Sally Lockhart, 19, of Sullivan; Sierra Myrick, 19, of Southwest Harbor; Taylor White, 20, of Ellsworth; Cody Delconte, 20, of Hancock and Matthew Meserve, 20, of Lamoine.

Also, Jordan Lord, 20, of Brooklin was charged with illegal transportation of liquor by a minor. Beckton Brownlow, 20, of Blue Hill was charged with illegal possession of liquor by a minor and arrested for administrative operating under the influence, operating without a license, operating after suspension and violation of conditions of release.

One juvenile from Holden and one juvenile from Bangor also were charged with illegal possession of liquor by a minor.