Happy 1st Day of School! It's the first day of school for just about everyone in Maine today, although Ellsworth High School doesn't start until tomorrow!  Please remember to watch out for school buses, and children crossing the roads, and waiting for the bus!

If you are a teacher, thanks for all that you do! As the husband of a teacher, I know you've been working hard all summer long, and probably over the long weekend to get ready for today. Be a hero, don't give homework today!

If you are a parent, no cheering today! I know many will be putting your children on the bus for the first time today, and some tears will be shed. Cherish these times, they'll be off to college in a blink of the eye. Be supportive of them, ask them how their day was and see what you can do to support their teachers.

If you're a student, enjoy the school year! Study hard, make friends, look out for the kids that may not have that many friends, and don't let anyone bully another student! Listen to your teachers and when your parents ask you how your day was, say something more than "Good" or "All right". They've been worried about you all day!

Have a great school year!