It's a pretty scary thing when you learn that 1,000 high school students are staying in your hotel. Visions of screaming and running in the hallways, ice buckets being thrown off the (interior) balconies, and general chaos would give most people pause. But the guests at this hotel must have been glad they stayed when these kids began to sing...amazingly.

I've seen two stories online about the video. On many of the copies of the video, the caption states that the students were singing to celebrate the opening of the Olympics. The caption, near as I can tell, was written by the poster who was in town on business and probably guessing as to why the students were singing.

But Wave 3 News out of Louisville, Kentucky (where the video was shot) states that this is a tradition. Every year the Kentucky State Choir conference meets at the Louisville Hyatt. And it's tradition that, at 11:00 each night, all the students stand on the balconies and sing the National Anthem.

Whatever the reason, you have to watch this video. These high schoolers sing like angels. And the 'Star Spangled Banner' never sounded so beautiful!